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Matt and our professional technicians inspect your vehicle and assess the damage. This information is used to create an estimate for the cost of your repairs. Please note that this estimate does not include the cost of any damage that remains hidden during the inspection.


The insurance company will review the estimate and determine whether or not your vehicle is worth repairing. It is possible that some negotiation will occur regarding the exact procedures to be completed along with the prices that the insurance company is open to accepting. 


To further assess any hidden damage, your vehicle is disassembled and inspected. If additional repairs are necessary, your insurance company is contacted again for review and approval.  The ordering of additional parts may also be required.


Our staff will determine which parts are needed to complete the repairs. We will check for availability, and order any parts that are not currently in stock. We will expedite the order process so your vehicle repair can begin quickly.


Technicians will restore your vehicle’s structural integrity back to factory specifications.  We utilize a computer-operated measurement system along with specialized equipment to deliver a precise factory-standard re-construction of your vehicle.


Our specialists will complete all metal finishing and replace exterior panels as needed. All sheet metal is properly aligned and installed so that your vehicle is returned to its pre-collision appearance.


After cleaning your vehicle, our technicians complete a thorough inspection to ensure that everything is complete. Finally, our staff makes sure that your vehicle looks good as new and is road worthy.


Your vehicle is put back together so that it is ready for you. All components and moldings are restored to their initial location in preparation of the final stage.


The paint-preparation phase involves several stages. First, each panel is properly prepared for paint application. Then, the panels are primed and sealed so that they offer strong adhesion for the top paint color as well as for the clear coat that is applied.

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